Driveways of Distinction in South Devon provide resin bound driveways in Exeter and the surrounding areas. As a company, we have formulated and developed a very successful permeable polyurethane Resin Bound System which binds and encapsulates natural aggregates.

Our product is suitable for both residential and public applications and can be used  on:

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Public Parks
  • Show Rooms
  • National Trust Sites
  • Swimming Pool or Jacuzzi/Hot Tub surrounds
  • Heritage sites
  • Access Roads
  • Car Parks
  • Play Areas
  • Patios
  • Internal Areas

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We produce resin bonded driveways for customers in Exeter, which provide an attractive smooth surface, which once cured give excellent strength and elongation properties. they also create a safe anti-slip surface.

Driveways of Distinction, based in South Devon specialise in the installation of resin bound driveways in Exeter. We install paths, patios and also swimming pool/hot tub surrounds. Our professional team at Driveways Of Distinction take huge pride in our quality product which is available at a fair price. The quality and value of our resin bound drives which we provide to our customers in Exeter, is second to none in the South Devon area.

All of our Exeter resin bound drives, paths and patios, swimming pool and hot tub surrounds are made up of natural stone and consist of 100% organic resin which looks amazing. It is very strong and durable like concrete but thankfully comes without the heavy cost to the planet.

Our product drains water through the finished surface naturally, which means no more puddles. A very important feature of our solution is that it is SUDS Compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), rain and water drains away naturally through a porous surface, down into the water table. The Environment Agency strongly encourages this approach in order to avoid the ever increasing threat of flooding. This therefore removes the need for planning permission.

Our resin bound driveway surfacing comprises of a total material set in polymer resin which makes for a smooth, water-penetrable surface. The resin bonded driveway is very ECO-friendly and dependable with an appealing appearance. Resin bound surfacing by Driveways of Distinction offers a wide variety of advantages over most other surfaces.

It is also resistant, giving it an all round better traction for tyres which makes it better for walking on. Last but not least its up to 10 times more ECO friendly than concrete.

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